In just a few short days, I'll be taking my armies to a local gaming get-together (the bread and butter of us gamers!) and I will return with a few battle reports, and some updates on how my current lists are performing.
We're mostly going to play quick, smaller games, so we've been writing up a few 1500 and 1850 pt. lists. I'm bringing my Ulthwe Eldar, and the other players will be some combination of Tau, Orks, Salamanders (old Codex), Grey Knights, and Space Wolves.

I've had a lot of trouble in the past with the Tau, but with some of the new tricks in the 6th edition Codex, we'll see if I can give him a run for it this time!

Here are the lists I'm bringing:


HQ    Farseer                                (Jetbike, Spear, MoTLG, Stone of Anath'Lan)
HQ    Avatar                                 (Fast Shot)
TR    Dire Avengers (10x)            (Ex w/PWpn + Shimmershield
TR    Dire Avengers (10x)
TR    Guardian Jetbikes (9x)        (3x squads of 3, 3x Cannons)
FA    Warp Spiders (9x)      
HS    Wraithlord                           (Scatter Laser, Bright Lance)
HS    Dark Reapers (5x)               (Starshot Missiles)
Dt    Wave Serpent                       (Scatter Lasers, Holofields, Cannon)

1500 total


HQ    Eldrad     
HQ    Farseer                                 (Stone of Anath'Lan, Shard of Anaris)
HS    Reapers (10x)                       (Starshot Missiles)
EL    Scorpions (8x)                      (10x, Exarch, Claw)
Dt     Wave Serpent                       (Scatter Lasers, Holofields)
TR    Guardians (20x)                   (2x Squads of 10, Bright Lances, 2x Warlocks)
HS    Wraithlord                            (Scatter Laser, Bright Lance)

1500 total

And, 3.)

HQ    Farseer                                  (Jetbike, Spear, MoTLG, Stone of Anath'Lan)
HQ    Avatar                                   (Disarm, Fast Shot)
TR    Jetbikes (9x)                          (3x Cannons)
TR    Guardians (10x)                    (Bright Lance, Warlock)
TR    Guardians (10x)                    (Bright Lance, Warlock)
TR    Dire Avengers (5x)       
Dt    Wave Serpent                         (Bright Lances, Holo-fields, Cannon)
EL    Striking Scorpions (6x)         (Exarch, Claw)
HS    Dark Reapers (5x)                 (Starshot Missiles)
HS    Wraithlord                             (Scatter Laser, Bright Lance, 2x Flamers)
FA    Warp Spiders (5x)       
FA    Crimson Hunter                     (Exarch)

1850 total, semi-competitive list (hopefully)

1.) I want to try. It's balanced, and heavily favors units that my Tau opponent had trouble with (he did not, amazingly, load up on Markerlights - and so had no way to strip that MoTLG cover save off). He may have learned his lesson(s) from that, but I may get lucky. Fingers crossed!

2.) I want to try making a "Point and Click dead button" as an excellent blogger ( described his own Dark Reaper unit supported by a Tau Commander ally. I'm hoping that Eldrad with Divination and a Farseer with Runes of Fate can roll the right powers to make the unit just as lethal. But, it is up to the whims of the dice gods...

3.) Is a variant on a list I brought to a local tournament recently. In three games I annihilated a Dark Angel player, stomped all over a Blood Angels player, and was ground down to a single model in two rounds by a terrifying Necron/Guard Allies player. I loaded up on more AA/Anti-Armor to deal with those gnarly AV 13 Necron flyers. Hopefully it's enough, but I'll test its all-roundedness this weekend against some other armies.

Thoughts? Comments? Flaming criticisms of my horrible choices and insistence that I load up on Baron Sarthonyx or some Riptides?