40k: List-Building in 8th Edition Part 1: Detachments!

Spoiler alert!

 Hello Folks! NoName1 here chronicling my discovery of 8th Edition 40k. This time around, list building!
 *See Part 2 for points values on this list, and Part 3 for a bit on Command Points

 Now, if you've been following me for any length of time, you know that I actually "got out" of 40k entirely. Done-zo. Out. Gone.

 This was some time ago, well before we knew details about 8th, and I was simply tired of the complexity (and frankly, drama) that 7th Edition grew into most of last year.

 Rather than focusing on that though, the point of the story is that my collection shrunk, drastically. I kept some custom models, some I really wanted to paint, and just a couple in case of Kill Team games. So, here's what I have now:

 Farseer on Jetbike - (HQ)
 Autarch on Jetbike - (HQ)
 Eldrad Ulthran - (HQ)
 Farseer (can be used as a Warlock) - (HQ)
 Wraithlord - (Heavy Support)
 Crimson Hunter (Flyer)
 Hemlock Wraithfighter (Flyer)

 Archon - (HQ)
 Haemonculus - (HQ)
 10x Kaballite Warriors - (Troops, 1x of 10 or 2x of 5)
 Raider - (Dedicated Transport)

 This puts me in something of a pickle. All of my Troops are Drukhari (Dark Eldar), and I don't have any double-slot units I would need to run my Asuryani (Craftworld Eldar) without Troops. That is, there are Detachments where you can run 1-3 HQ's with a minimum of 3 of any non-Troop role - 3 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support, etc.
 Aside from requiring a *lot* of HQ's, list-building in 8th is nicely flexible. See the Index at the end of this post for images of all the available Detachments and a glossary for the Symbols for Battlefield Roles.

 That "a lot of HQ's" trend actually works very much in my favor though, since my collection is mostly HQ's. And, since Aeldari have access to the new Ynnari Faction as a list-building option (see my previous post on what that means), I can actually almost field everything I have in a Patrol Detachment:

 Here I can field my Archon and Eldrad, with the Kaballite Warriors as either 1 or two Troop units, the Raider as a Dedicated Transport, and all the other non-HQ's in slots here.

 Here's where it gets tricky though - that's an Ynnari Detachment, so my units are trading Battle Focus (Asuryani) or Power from Pain (Drukhari) for Strength from Death. It's a shame to lose Power from Pain on those Kaballites, but it's the only way I personally can field my collection in full.

 That said, I did find one Detachment where I can field my remaining HQ's:

 So that's where my Warlock, Autarch and Farseer on Jetbike will fit into the picture. The added benefit there is that all of those units can still keep Battle Focus, if I choose to make them an Asuryani Detachment. This is particularly powerful on Jetbike units since they don't roll for how far that Advance, and instead just move the full distance.
 On the downside, they won't be Ynnari and won't get the added bonus of Soulburst actions. But I can also run this as an Ynnari Detachment if I want to try out different rules interactions.

 That makes me final list (without wargear):

 Ynnari Patrol Detachment-
 10x Kaballite Warriors
 Crimson Hunter
 Hemlock Wraithfighter

 Asuryani Supreme Command Detachment-
 Farseer on Jetbike
 Autarch on Jetbike

 It's not the best composition, and I get a grand total of a whopping 1 Command Point for it, but it's a start. And it allows me to field my entire collection (barring the Haemonculus) while I get a handle on 8th and before I pick up any new models/units.

 Index: Detachments

These are the more "standard" ones we're a bit more familiar with

So many options!

This is a blown up version of the right side of the above