Introduction, and some first steps

So, I'm a Warhammer nut. A Warhammer 40k nut. I love it, I hope never to stop playing it. It's going to be the Never Never Land that keeps me from growing up all the way.

With that in mind, I play Eldar, have tinkered with Salamanders Space Marines, and Tyranids. In the early days I chose to stick with Eldar because I love psykers, I love their lore, and I wanted to play a fast and mostly shooty army.
Once I'd made that decision, I looked through the current Eldar Codex (5th, at the time) and settled on Eldrad as an inspiring leader. Not only was he then the most powerful psyker in the game, but he was practically unkillable (with a re-rollable 3+ invul) and could handle small assault units and tanks in a pinch. In my early games, Eldrad alternated between doing nothing, and walking through hails of bullets by himself - wrecking Blood Angel's Furioso dreadnoughts in assault, and rolling beautifully with an Eldritch Storm to blow up a trio of Dark Angel's landspeeders.
In short, he more than made up for my faith in him. He drove my gaming buddies crazy as they threw everything they had to take him down.

Now we're here, with the new 6th edition Eldar Codex rocking the tables, and I'm narrowing down a local/semi-competitive tournament list.

As makes sense using Eldrad as a main Warlord, I play Ulthwe. That is, Eldar with loads of Psykers and Guardians. In looking for tactics/army lists online, I've been despairing because I've seen list after list of Eldar with Allies (which I prefer not to use) especially with Dark Eldar (who, if there are ever any on the table with me, I will shoot at) and Tau (which is kind of cool, but feels like a crutch). The few lists I've found that didn't use Allies tend to be overwhelmingly spam lists.

So, I decided to write up my own.
I'm working on balanced, Eldar-only, lists that stick (at least mostly) to Ulthwe fluff without Allies or taking nothing but Wave Serpents. I imagine there are a lot of players out there looking for this, so let's have a voice!

With that, onward, to nerding out over the trials and tribulations of the 41st Millennium!