BoLS Battle Report: Alaitoc Eldar vs. Mantis Warriors Space Marines

Hello all!

A quick interlude here, this wouldn't be much of an Eldar tactics blog if I didn't cover a wide variety of tactics. So, with that in mind (while I work on the Seer Council article), here is a cool video Battle Report courtesy of Bell of Lost Souls ( of a recent battle between Alaitoc Eldar and Mantis Warriors (re: Ultramarines).

As a special bonus, the terrain and models are well painted across the board, which is always nice to see!

Some comments on the report myself:
I'm not sold on Swooping Hawks, especially vs. Space Marines. They have a lot of shots, and are nasty vs. Armor at close range, but the chances of wounding are so low and they have no chance of ignoring Space Marine 3+ saves, and there's always the chance that any tank they take on in assault will blow up and kill all of them...    I would take one, maybe, because their rules are so cool and they can be very useful, but they're just too expensive and unreliable to take two units.
Also, Wraithguard. I *love* Wraithguard, but unless you're going all-out Wraith units with a Spiritseer, two units of them is an awful lot of eggs in few baskets. Then again, two units of five in Serpents are a really nasty prospect. And you get Serpents. I could go either way.

That list definitely needs a way to deal with Flyers, and I think a Mantle of the Laughing god would have been more beneficial to the Farseer than the unit of bikes (and a tiny bit cheaper, although not scoring).

I'll stop yammering. Enjoy the report! Thank you again Bell of Lost Souls!


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