For love of the hobby!

We've all had a lot of time to complain about all the changes coming to the 40k gamers' world this past year - but in the spirit of the Holiday and a New Year, I thought it was a good time to look at how *amazing* this hobby is, and why we all stick with it!

For starters, we've got new content flying at as faster than ever before, and 6th edition is arguably the most fun and dynamic 40k rules have been in decades!
Sure, the models and supplies are getting more expensive, but I have my fair share of models from every edition up through this one, and the models we're getting now are simply incredible, especially so compared to the older stuff.

So! Without further ado, here's a giant pile of pictures of my own army. I borrowed a friend's camera and took some decent photos for once (bear with me, the focus is ok some of the time, but I used some fairly intense lighting.)

First, here's a pair of my HQs who, recently, have been gathering dust. The Avatar I used to use in every game (he earned that severed Death Company marine head many times over), and he was one of the first models I ever painted. The Autarch is one of the more recent pieces I painted, and my first Finecast model. I loved the experience of painting the resin as opposed to pewter or even plastic - it took the paint beautifully and has proven to be one of my most durable paint jobs!
(He's modeled with a Reaper Launcher that I painted and count as a Fusion Gun. I also magnetized him so the wings can be replaced with a Warp Spider backpack or the plain ol' flags)

Here we have five Dark Reapers (with a Shuriken Cannon I count as a Tempest Launcher, and my own custom Eldar Quad Gun) and my first Falcon (soon to be converted to a Wave Serpent) and my own Wave Serpent. 

Next, my Seers - my Farseer on his Jetbike (Mantle of the Laughing God painted on) and Eldrad Ulthran, backed by his very own Seer Council.

Eldrad is modeled as a ghost, to represent the fact that he "Died" to defeat Abaddon's possessed Black Fortress. I've had him that way since before 6th edition, and it's unique enough that I've kept him that way.

But of course, what army is complete without it's Troops? For me, my Troops are Ulthwe Guardians and Guardian Jetbikes (The Jetbikes are further on in the photos). I painted them using Tin Bitz because it maintains that sombre dark look, but also I thought was more interesting than the typical Bleached Bone/Black.

Then, some more photos of the whole Seer Council and my Warp Spiders!

I painted the Warp Spiders hoping to make them look like they were partially in the Warp, as if the unit was in the middle of warping into existence. It broke up the colors nicely, and is a cool effect, but I'm still working on capturing the look I was really going for.

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of my beloved Jetbikes - they were also one of my earlier paint projects, and the entire unit was rescued from E-bay, so they're one of the worst model/paint projects I've done, but I have a soft spot for them!
Note One-Armed Joe up there, he has a knack for never failing an armor save.

 Now here below is my current project. My wife bought me some models this Christmas (first time! I was so happy!) and it happened to be an old box of Jetbikes. I've been wanting to make some Shining Spears for ages, so I just ran with it.
I never liked the Blue/White paint scheme, so I decided I would have my Shining Spears modeled like some kind of Saim-Hann champions, and I threw in some old Pewter Dark Elves spears I found at a local hobby shop, and for the Exarch I used a bunch of spare kits from an Imperial Wizard kit that my kind cousin gave up to me.


Definitely a work in progress, but I really like the way it's going. Can't wait to field them!

And, of course, even us Xenos hobbyists can't help but tackle the occasional Space Marine - this here is the Salamander Terminator Librarian I've been working on. He has an old Saurus shield to represent his Storm Shield, and I through on a trimmed piece of sprue to be the fireball.

I really like it, but more often than not I just use him as an objective marker.

So that's that! Ours is an amazing hobby, and GW - for all we complain about them - has done an incredible job of giving us what we want/need to really bask in it.

Cheers, fellow 40k-ers. And Happy 2014!