Some Hobby Work from the Weekend

 This past weekend, I had a lot of time on my hands, so I did some work on the largest model in my collection: the Crimson Hunter!

 I mixed and matched the parts for this kit, using the main body of the Hemlock Wraithfighter but the guns and extra wing fins of the Crimson Hunter. I just thought the spirit seal was too cool not to have on the model, but I field it almost exclusively as the Crimson Hunter. I also wanted the option of fielding it as either, using a little from both kits seemed like the way to go about it.

 For the base, I was trying to think of something for ages that would do the model justice. In the end, I settled on this - something dramatic and brightly colored, but in the end centered with bare space around him. I had the extra bits for a Blood Angels marine, so I ran with it.
 I wanted to make him look defeated - not dead, but helpless, unable to stop the mighty flyer zooming over his head. One of the Emperor's Angels unable to use his tremendous strength, sitting down on the field of battle. Woo!

Here below is the finished product!

And, last but not least, a little fluff tidbit from the newest Tyranid Codex:

A nice nod to us Craftworlders. Way to go Maugan!