Primarchs and Rogue Trader Eldar

No meaty post today! Just a little fun one to pass the time - first, from Bell of Lost Souls, one of our Hobbyist Brethren did a spree of fan artwork and decided to share it as a gift to the community. So! Check out the article for sweet sweet desktop-scale pictures of our favorite Heroes and Villains, the Primarchs

First, my favorite of all - Vulkan, of the Salamanders!

Many thanks to Kurt Metz for the work!

Second, a post from our friends over at When Craftworlds Drop By. This one is a showcase of OLD (and I'm dating myself here, but I don't even recognize some of these units) Rogue Trader-era Eldar models.

Hoo, man. My own personal two cents is they're cool for the history lesson, but they really make me appreciate my new models. Having last assembled a Wraithknight, it's hard to imagine going back to Rogue Trader metal Jetbikes...

And why not close with my favorite Traitor, Magnus the Red!