Aspect Exarchs: Worth it or not, part 2

For my Part 1 article (Warp Spiders and Dark Reapers, follow this link)

First! The Striking Scorpion

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Yes. Yes the Exarch is worth it. Take the Exarch with the Scorpion's Claw for a S6, AP2 Power Fist that strikes at Initiative 6 and gets bonus attacks for two weapons. Do it, if you're running Scorpions, it's worth it.
Spice with Exarch powers for possible re-roll to wound (Stalker) or Monster Hunter as desired.

Second! Shining Spears

Here the Exarch is also an easy sell. Compared to the price of the unit he's cheap, can (and should) take the S8 AP2 Star Lance to go with the rest of the unit's S6 AP3 Lances and go nuts. Also take Hit & Run because this unit is a hundred times more valuable if it can't be tarpitted.

For the points (which aren't too bad) you get WS/BS 5, a Character to take/Issue Challenges and pick out those Characters from enemy units, and a beefed-up gun to threaten heavier armor. And that's without Hit & Run, which is the single most no-brainer upgrade of the entire Eldar Codex.

Third! Fire Dragons

This one is a toss up. It's cheap for what you get, but it's a unit that needs it less. The Exarch upgrade makes sense (BS 5, Precision Shots), Fast Shot absolutely makes sense, and there is a strong argument for the Firepike for those cases when the unit can't *quite* get into range. Almost every time I've taken the upgrade, my unit was out of range but the Exarch was able to get that crucial tank kill by himself.
The Exarch can also take Crushing Blow (for S4 in CC, which is nice, but...  Why?), Or Iron Resolve for Ld 10 (dirt cheap, but not all that great) in addition to Fast Shot, but I usually just stick with Fast Shot.

Fire Dragons are a unit that arguably doesn't need an Exarch to lead it, they do fine on their own, but if you have the points, Dragon Exarchs are brutally effective additions to the unit.


  1. I have the Exarch upgrade, with fast shot minimum. On any aspect that can have fast shot.. Warp Spiders have it, Fire Dragons too. Exarch are fantastic buffs if you've the points spare imo. That bs5 + additional shots is great

    1. The Warp Spider Exarch can also twin-link his gun practically for free (and *never* miss!) or use that Fast Shot to get two shots off with the Spinneret Rifle, which is nice!


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