7th Edition, Unbound Eldar list

(See the sad Battle Report here)
Hey folks!

So, it's been officially confirmed by the design team: Unbound lists will be a thing. These will be lists limited only by the rules of each unit (minimum/maximum unit size, unlocked by a particular HQ, etc) and the Allies rubric (which is likely to be much tighter with far fewer Battle Brothers around). It also specifically says in the rules that players need "prior approval" to play an Unbound list. Which makes it sound like it was never really intended for Tournaments. But! Moving on-

What do we do with this?

Well, we can cry about it (and I'm sure there are lists out there already that would make me do just that), or we can have some fun with it! It's here, like so many of the other big changes, and it's not going away for at least another two years (ha!)

Here's the first thing that popped into my mad little head:

Asurmen (Warlord. Gotta love 3x Warlord Traits, right?)
Jain Zar
Maugan Ra
Illic Nightspear

Total: 1800 pts., so a whole 50 points to spend on Avatar upgrades for the game sizes I usually play.

This list is more than a little ridiculous, but so small that it's hard to think of it as over-powered. None of these guys will have bodyguards, and most of them don't have Invulnerable saves. There's no Anti-Air, and mobs could quickly become a huge problem.

That said, it could be a whole lot of fun, and play like the most *epic* Killteam ever. Not to mention no unit with a Character in it will want to get within a mile of any of these guys (except poor Illic, he's the odd man out there).

The point of this post is that an Unbound option leaves tons of open room to have tons of fun with things we've never been able to try out. Will it be abused? Probably. A lot? Probably. All the time?

No. Not all the time.
Can it be tons of fun and make for really dynamic, interesting, unusual list building?


So let's have some fun with this!