Step by Step: Assembling, Magnetizing, and painting a Land Raider

One of the best things about this hobby is admiring truly good craftsmanship. And in some cases, great craftsmen are willing to post tutorials on how they got such amazing results.

Here is one example from one of my favorite blogs, and an excellent painter/modeler, working on a Land Raider in its many variants:

Part 1 (interior(s) painting)

Part 2 (magnetizing)

Part 3 (hinged doors)

Part 4 (recap/preview)

Part 5 (magnetizing multi-melta and storm bolter)

Part 6 (photo interlude)

Part 7 (highlighting)

Part 8 (wrapping up)

My original post was incomplete, but the great guys over at How to Lose at 40k finished up the commission, so the above is the whole shebang!

For those of you win no interest in Land Raiders (but why! It's one of the most complex and iconic models in the game), these techniques can be applied to any larger vehicle. Wax on, Wax off!