40K: Great Moments in Gaming!

Hello folks! NoName1 here, to talk about those great moments in gaming. We've all had them - that single roll that determines a victor, that one save that goes so perfectly (or so terribly wrong!) that it makes the whole evening!
Maybe it's that crucial moment - you have four wounds and a 3+, you can fail three and still make it! And you roll this:

Maybe it's that scatter that sends you careening towards the table edge, only to land just so:

Maybe it's that moment when your ultimate unit of Cuisinarts loses a fight to some squishy support character:

(Not only did Eldrad survive through the end, but he killed one!) 

Maybe it's when you're gleefully rubbing your hands together about your tide of twin-linked bolters, only to learn that they can't scratch Toughness 8...

Or maybe it's the turn when that nigh-invincible Wraithknight meets Grav Cannon Centurions for the first time:

Or maybe it's when you forget that Fire Dragons *all* have meltaguns:

Or that mad-dash for the rear armor of a tank with your lone surviving Warlock, with nothing but air between the rear-armor of a Vindicator and his Strength 9 singing spear - only to roll a 1 to-hit...

Sadly, I don't have pictures of some of my favorites - like a game where my Trygon Prime chased a unit of Tactical marines around the board for three turns (both the only units left alive in either army), failing to wound or make Charge range, but regenerating every blow he was dealt
Or my all-time favorite, when my Eldar brutally slaughtered a Salamanders army, only to lose the game because his lone survivor, a single Tactical marine, took the Relic on the final game turn.

We all have 'em - tell us about your favorite gaming moments!


  1. I landed celestine, and a unit of serpahim (deep struck), right next to a unit of necron wraiths (which were bunched up). I flamed them, and did roughly 22 wounds. (popped their faith so they gained shred).

    The necron player failed 1 save.

    Early in 5th edition, I had a mob of 30 ork boyz, with a weirdboy. I rolled ere we go, and teleported them, straight into a mountain...and rolled a mishap.

    I had a sniper scout hit and wound the flying daemon bird, who failed his grounding check, and then was obliterated by an ironclad.

    Lets see....one time I had an opponent blow up an ork trukk, which exploded 6 inches, hitting one of his units, and killing enough models to force a morale check, which cased them to run off the table. haha

    1. Ha! Nice!
      I forgot the time where my Dark Reaper Exarch fired his Tempest launcher into a strong wind, which blew that shots back in his face and obliterated himself and his own unit

      In that same game, I had a unit of 6 Swooping Hawks Haywire a Predator to death in Melee. The tank promptly exploded and killed all of them

  2. once a drop pod salamander popped 2 out of my 3 war walkers, 4 marine died in zhe explosion :D, before that they shot 6 brightlance in a land rader 5 missed and the 1 hit did nothing


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