40K: Imperial Knights guide by The Dice Abide

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Hello Folks! NoName1 here again, and let's get right to business-
Imperial Knights are all over our beloved 40k right now, but I haven't had the opportunity to face one, or taken a look at their rules in detail. And that is why I particularly appreciated the two guides put out by Adam from The Dice Abide via Frontline Gaming.

Here is Part 1
Part one is a nice rundown of the Imperial Knights currently on offer, from the two "basic" Knights first released by GW, to the most recent Forgeworld releases, and Gerantius the (so far) only Knight Special Character.

And here is Part 2
Part two covers more the detailed tactics (and points costs) of Knights, and some of the better combos with them.

Also, both articles nicely cover the strengths and limitations on Imperial Knights, therefore giving some insight in how to take 'em down. My first thoughts:

Speed - That Ion Shield is nice, but it can only be on a single facing at a time. Get around them, strike from multiple sides, and try to get around that front arc (AV 13 can be a tough nut to crack, but AV 12 or less isn't that bad). Drop pods full of melta work just as well on these jokers as they do on any other kind of armor.
Mob 'em - A big unit of throwaway dudes (Plague Zombies and Ork Boyz come to mind) can cover beefier models with Power Fists/Klaws. CC is a good way to hit them, and against most variants (if I read the rules correctly?) it cuts right through their armor. Small, high-initiative throwaway units with Haywire, such as 5-man units of DE Wyches or Swooping Hawks, and make a real mess of a Knight for a tiny fraction of the points. Although they will almost certainly die in the process (or immediately after winning). With this tactic though, watch out for the Forgeworld variant that's CC focused, the Cerastus Castigator I believe.
Flyers - Knights have zero defense vs. Flyers, and therefore rely on Allies to deal with them. Focus down their Anti-Air, or fill the sky with Flyers and make a mess of those Knights on the ground.
Drown them in Dice - Lascannons, Riflemen Dreads, Devastators. Shoot them a whole lot with high-strength weapons. This is an obvious solution, but probably the most consistent of the four.

What *not* to do:
Don't rely on armor, single models, or Monstrous Creatures. These guys have D-weapons in Close Combat and can cut right through single targets without even trying. If one is already hurt bad, a Wraithknight or something of similar punch can do the job, but be ready to lose it if you try.

Many thanks to Adam and the Frontline Gaming team for throwing this together!