A new Battlefield. Moving time!

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 Hello Folks!
 A change of pace today - you may have noticed a change of pace over the past few months. That's because I've been in the long, chaotic process of moving from Northern California to Little Rock Arkansas!

 I do love change. It's fun, it's exciting, it keeps life trucking along in ways few other things can! I like new places, new people, everything about it.

 From a gaming perspective, I'm less happy about it.
 I tend to be a local casual gamer and a hobbyist. The hobbying goes with me and I can settle into that wherever, but the circle of gamers to play with - that is, friends closer than those from the random pick-up games you can get at any local gaming shop. I had a really good circle, and it will take time to build that up again. If I even want to!

 But, in the interest of exploring, I checked out the local shop - Game Goblins!
 What did I find...  ?

 Oh, the sweet sweet loaner terrain and two full gaming tables, complete with Frontline Gaming's F.A.T. Mats!
 That alone was enough to make me feel somewhat less out of water, but no less sad to leave my own buddies behind. Each cool discovery comes first with the thought of how much fun it'd be to share with them...
 Game Goblins really is a great shop, the local guys sat me down for a game of Warhammer: Conquest (which is not bad at all!) since I didn't have my stuff ready for more serious gaming.
 It was quick to learn, and a lot of fun to play!

 The game shop is a good one, of course. I'll be there for sure. But the real gem is getting a new groups together, I've found, is making friends and being open about your hobbies. To have a tight-knit circle, it's best to be friends first, and then settle into gaming as you find people of like interests.

 That takes longer, of course, by the more stable, comfortable pay-off is certainly worth the time!

 So, here's a shout out. Any Southern gamers out there reading this?


  1. Great that you already found a local gaming group! Best of luck with the move!


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