40k: Harlequins Confirmations

 Hey folks!
 For those of you who don't already have it, the past weekend's White Dwarf has the rules for Harlequin Troupes and the Solitaire in it (!)

(just under 100 pts for 5x):

              WS   BS   S   T  W   I   A   Ld.   Sv.
Player-     5      4     3   3   1    6   2     9      -
Master-    6      4     3   3   2    7   3    10     -

Gear- Holosuit, Shuriken Pistol, CC Weapon, Plasma Grenades, Flip Belt
Rules- Fear, Fleet, Furious Charge, Hit & Run, (Master is a Character)

Any model can take- Neuro Disruptor, Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Kiss, Harlequin's Embrace, Harlequin's Caress (Master may take a Power Sword, Haywire Grenades, and/or "Enigmas of the Black Library")

*Harlequin's Kiss/Embrace/Caress all replace CC weapon, so you only get one option per model.
*Unit may go up to 7 (a nickel and dime per player)
**Unit may "take a Starweaver as a Dedicated Transport"

(just under 150 pts):

              WS   BS   S   T   W   I    A   Ld.   Sv.
                9      9     3    3   3   10   6    10     -                 

Gear- Holosuit, Harlequin's Caress, Harlequin's Kiss, Flip Belt
Rules- Deep Strike, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Furious Charge, Hit & Run, Precision Strikes, Character
Blitz- May move D6 x Turn # (Once per game) instead of moving normally. Attacks Characteristic becomes 10 in the Assault Phase of that turn (ignores other models/terrain, may not end move within 1" of enemy, may Assault normally)
The Path of Damnation- "May never be joined by another Character. If Warlord, no Warlord Trait"
Impossible Form- 3++ Invulnerable Save
Primsatic Blur- May move up to 12" in the Movement Phase

Can take Haywire Grenades and Enigmas of the Black Library


Fusion Pistol- 6", S8, AP1, Melta, Pistol
Neuro Disruptor- 12", S1, AP2, Fleshbane, Pistol (!)
Shuriken Pistol- 12", S4, AP5, Bladestorm (Rending, ish), Pistol
Harlequin's Caress- CC, S:User, Auto-Wound/Glance on a 6 to hit (at AP2)
Harlequin's Embrace- CC, S:User, user gains Hammer of Wrath (D3 hits). Those hits are at S6
Harlequin's Kiss- CC, S:User, one attack per round (rolled separately) becomes S6, AP2, Instant Death on a 6
Flip Belt- Ignores Terrain (movement not slowed, no penalty for charging into cover)
Holo-Suit- Wearer gains a 5++ Invulnerable save

It is a Dedicated Transport, that's still all we've got for now…

Two-wound Jetbikes with big guns and CC weapons (extra expensive, shooty Shining Spears)