40k: Harlequins - Starweaver/Voidweaver rules, and a Shadowseer Psychic Power!

Hey Folks! So, some image confirmations! Let's take a look, shall we?

First, here are the images of the whole release (prices, what's coming, dice box, etc.):

Second, we have images of the Starweaver/Voidweaver pages from this coming weekend's White Dwarf:

And third, we have a single Psychic Power from the new "Phantasmancy" school available to Harlequin Shadowseers:

And let's close with the images from a few days ago of some of the bigger-deal Characters that are being re-released:

 So! What do we have, all told?

 First, the Voidweaver is a Venom, for all intents and purposes. The major differences(s) being that it comes with the typical Eldar Weargear of Holofields (Although as-written they now grant a 5++ instead of a Cover bonus. Future tweak to Eldar?) but replaced the poisoned Dark Eldar guns with Eldar Shuriken Cannons (S6, AP5, Assault 3, Bladestorm). They also have the odd Mirage Launchers that we saw on the Skyweavers (these names are going to be hard to keep straight…) that grants them the 4++ Invulnerable Save vs. Shooting, once per game, instead of Jinking. It's a nice perk for when you want your full BS or are getting your Cover Ignored.
 We're still looking at AV 10/10/10 and 2 HP - but at a reasonable 75 pts.
 You can upgrade one of those guns to be a "Prismatic Cannon" but on my first read, it looks awful…  Also, the rear-facing Shuriken Cannon must fire at the rear facing, but it means one of these can fire at two targets, which is kinda cool.

 The Starweaver is also a Venom, only it trades some of that Dakka for a Transport Capacity of 6. Six is ok, it means you can take a minimum unit and still have space for a Character, or you can keep units minimum. Six-man squads are cheap, light, and can squeeze in tight spaces - but they are vulnerable.
 While not bad, per se, I was hoping for something with a capacity of at least 10, as I want to put bigger Eldar units in them :D
 BUT, it is also Open Topped and super fast. So a unit of six Harlequins with Neural Disruptors (that new Fleshbane, AP2 pistol) can do absurd fly-bys. And it's an Assault Vehicle, which was the only way the Harlequin Troupes we've seen so far could work on a table.

 If I'm not mistaken, the Dark Eldar variant of the Venom can take passengers AND be covered in guns. In which case this shows some effort at toning that down for Harlequins to where you have to choose one or the other…

 As for the Shadowseer, the final picture shows a cool new model (nice), and in previous posts I've commented on how much the Harlequins rules are screaming for Cover bonuses - well, it looks like the #1 power for Phantasmancy fixes that. The image from above is terrible, but if I read it right, it grants every model in a friendly unit up to 18" away both Stealth and Shrouded.
 If that's accurate, you can bet my Harlequins will come rocking as many Shadowseers as I can squeeze into a list. Those Starweavers are flimsy, but hit them with Dance of Shadows and you've got yourself a 2+ Cover save (assuming you get the power off).
 …Then of course you've got that Allied Farseer with Fortune at the ready and you're ready to rock!

 Sure, Cover saves can be ignored, but not all the time! It's a really, really nice boost to these units, and it's going to make a huge difference in their survivability.

 I also am super stoked about those new models. The old Death Jester was pretty good, but this one is better, and the new Shadowseer looks much less clunky than the old one.
 Looks like I'm going in with both feet!


  1. Wow! Can you believe it? An Eldar Harlequin Codex/Supplement/Whatever-you-want-to-call-it. These models look dynamic and gorgeous. What an exciting time we live in. Great review!


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