The Future of the Eldar

Hey folks!
Short post today, I just wanted to comment on a few small things Harlequins have brought up. Being one of the newest releases, and being basically Eldar, Harlequins can give us hints as to what's coming in the rumored 7th Edition re-work of the Eldar Codex.

Here's my list of notes:
1. Holo-fields grant a 5++ Invulnerable Save. While this may be Harlequins only, this is an iconic piece of Craftworld wargear and it's unlikely to be left with two sets of rules for long.
I could see them changing this, because bringing down the durability of Wave Serpents would go a long way towards discouraging Wave Serpent Spam. As of now a Serpent that moved and Jinks gets a 3+ Cover save (4, +1 from Holofields, which few players leave home without).

2. Eldar get access to Sanctic Daemonology only.
I'm sure many of us Fluff Bunnies out there are frothing mad at competitive players out there who bring Farseers to the table with the sole purpose of summoning Daemons. I'm not super-strict on fluff, but having Eldar deliberately call on their most hated enemies is beyond lame. On purpose? No.
End of rant - anyway, the Harlequin Shadowseer only has access to Sanctic Daemonology. I expect we will see this change for other Eldar Psykers as well.

3. Formations.
Granted, the Harlequin 'dex is unusual in having ONLY Formations, but different FOCs and Formations are definitely something we'll be seeing in any re-worked Codex, and something I'm very excited about.
I also expect - you saw it here first, folks! - to see attention put to Formations that encourage Eldar/DE/Harlequin combined armies. Whether this is from joint Formations or just Formations meant to work well together is up in the air.

That's it for now! I look forward to coming back with some meaty posts when I finally put Harlequins Formations into my lists!


  1. If Harlequins are any indication it feels like Eldar are meant to destroy other elite armies, but struggle with hordes.

    1. I'm not so sure, even Harlequins are up to their eyeballs in 3-shot S6 guns. With kiting, high BS/WS and volume of fire, Eldar are one of the better armies (for now) at picking apart hordes...


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