40k: List-Building in 8th Edition Part 2: Wargear and Points!

Photo courtesy of Games Workshop
 Hello again! And here we are, NoName1 with the children's book "my first list." Please see my Aeldari post here for background, and my List Building Part 1 here for where I came to this list.

 To recap, here's the list I came to from my previous post, but with Base Points Cost added:

 Ynnari Patrol Detachment-
 Eldrad - 180
 Archon - 54
 10x Kaballite Warriors - 70
 Raider - 95
 Wraithlord - 103
 Crimson Hunter - 143
 Hemlock Wraithfighter - 211

 Asuryani Supreme Command Detachment-
 Farseer Skyrunner (on Jetbike) - 154
 Autarch Skyrunner (on Jetbike) - 94
 Warlock - 30

 Subtotal: 1134.
 Not a bad total pre-upgrade for a minimal collection, I should be easily able to hit 1500 for mid-size games.

 Let me say again: this list is bad. I put it in softer terms before, but that's it. It's small, and has so few bodies that all of those Characters are unable to hide behind other units effectively. It also gives me only 1 Command Point and lacks a lot of the teeth I would prefer to have. That said, it's what I've got!

 So, first, let's get the easy stuff out of the way. The Farseer Skyrunner gets a Singing Spear (+14), as does the Warlock (+14), and that's it for them. 

 Running total: 1162

 Then, I need to make sure my Heavy Weapons get in there. So I give the Wraithlord a Bright Lance (+20) and an Aeldari Missile Launcher (+25), plus a Ghostglaive, just because (+10).
 I also give the Raider a Disintegrator Cannon instead of the stock Dark Lance (+30) and a Shock Prow (+1)
 ...Seriously, 1 pt? Who *wouldn't* get a Shock Prow?

 Running total: 1248

 The total is getting up there, so if I want to keep it under 1500, I want to keep any eye on those points. But, also if my wish-list upgrades pop the list up to 1850, more's the better!

 Let's look at the leaders, the Archon and the Autarch will have the most options here. 
 Sidebar: Archons come stock with Shadowfield and Huskblade? Not bad! But because mine is modeled with an Agonizer, I'll pay for that (+4) but have to test out both options in-game. We'll also give him the Blast Pistol (+10) and the Grenade Launcher because it's dirt cheap and gives him something longer range than the Pistol (+3)
 I'm opting for the Blast weapon because he needs some anti-Armor/Anti-Monster, and the Pistol so he can't be denied a shot for being in Combat - all the more critical here in 8th because vehicles can Charge.

 Now the Autarch is going to be tricky. Do you kit him for punching, shooting, or both?
 Personally, I opt for the Banshee Mask (+0) over Mandiblasters - attacking as if you Charged every turn (re: first) is awesome, and way better than a Mortal Wound only in CC on a 6+. Unless you're in combat with something you probably shouldn't be trying to punch to death...
 Next, I go with the Fusion Pistol (+9), for the same reasons as the Archon. I also opt for the Laser Lance (+9) because it's the best CC weapon you can get. On top of that I add the Reaper Launcher (+31) because despite the price, it's amazing, and on a dead-eye shot like the Autarch, worth every penny!

 Running total: 1314

 Hmm. Maybe those aren't quite as many points as I thought. Upgrades and Weapons in 8th are far, far cheaper than they have been before, so I'm finding myself with many more points to spare. At this point the only thing I have left to spend points on is Unit Upgrades.
 For one, I can make the Crimson Hunter a Crimson Hunter Exarch (+40). Then, the Kaballite Warriors can get a Dark Lance (+20), a Blaster (+15) and the Sybarite can take a Blast Pistol (+10), Agonizer (+4), and Phantasm Launcher (+3)

 Running total: 1406
 Let's recap-

 Ynnari Patrol Detachment-
 Eldrad - 180
 Archon - (Agonizer, Phantasm Launcher, Blast Pistol) 71 
 10x Kaballite Warriors - (Dark Lance, Agonizer, Blast Pistol, Blaster, Dark Lance) 122
 Raider - (Disintegrator, Shock Prow) 126
 Wraithlord - (Bright Lance, Aeldari Missile Launcher, Ghostglaive) 158
 Crimson Hunter - (Exarch) 183
 Hemlock Wraithfighter - 211

 Asuryani Supreme Command Detachment-
 Farseer Skyrunner (on Jetbike) - (Singing Spear) 168
 Autarch Skyrunner (on Jetbike) - (Banshee Mask, Laser Lance, Reaper Launcher, Fusion Pistol) 143
 Warlock - (Singing Spear) 44

 1406 is no 1500, but it'll have to do for now! Maybe I can dig up some junky models and throw together some Storm Guardians...