40k List-Building in 8th Edition Part 3: Using Command Points

Hello all!
Before I got into more detailed prep and reports on my first 8th Edition 40k League, I want to take a quick second to walk through one of the newest mechanics in the game: Command Points

So, if you have a Battle Forged army - meaning composed of legal Detachments, all with the same Faction Keyword (Imperium, Aeldari, etc.) then you get 3 Command Points to spend (8th Edition Rulebook, pg 242), and some Detachments and even Characters grant more.

You spend these points on Stratagems before or during the game, so they allow a considerable amount of tactical flexibility. The only real limitation is how many Command Points you have to spend, and you can only use the same Stratagem once per Phase (in Matched Play).

Strategems are different, with three main options in the Core rulebook, and new Faction-specific ones being released in Codexes.

 So, for my list, I have a Battle Forged 750 point list for 3 Command Points, and it also uses a Battalion Detachment, which grants an additional 3 Command Points, for 6 total.

 Because there isn't an Aeldari Codex yet, I'm still limited to these three - which isn't bad, but I look forward to some flavorful faction-specific Stratagems. Although, re-rolls of dice is very fluffy for an Eldrad-centered army. Just as planned!

 With these stock Stratagems, the one I'm most drawn to is the Command Re-Roll. It's like an on-demand Kairos Fateweaver for any army, and it's the most flexible and efficient of the three. It also can be used against your opponent. Did they nail your precious Transport and roll 6 Wounds on their D6? Re-roll that!
 That said, a re-roll is still a roll, so for the 1 extra point, Insane Bravery may be more valuable when it's a Morale Check you want to re-roll. That said, it's tricky to know when to use it, because it specifically says you have to use it *before* rolling.

All in all, this is a brand-new game mechanic that I'm excited to try, and curious to see how it affects the game :)